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40% Alcohol by Volume / 80 Proof 

The Classic. A full-bodied London Dry gin with a predominance of juniper, star anise and refreshing citrus. Bold, yet smooth, this is a gin for gin lovers.

Style: A classic, full-bodied London dry gin with a delicate balance of juniper and citrus notes.

Taste: Well-balanced, bold and refreshing. Juniper release is complemented with a clean, dry and crisp citrus finish.



40% Alcohol by Volume / 80 Proof 



40% Alcohol by Volume / 80 Proof 

The tradition of blending gin with bitters was first created by the British Royal Navy to balance out sweet and dry gins...and supposedly to help cure sea sickness. We’ve created a well-balanced gin with juniper still at the forefront but with a beautifully harmonious balance of herbal and spiced bitters. 

Style: A full-bodied gin with an infusion of naturally blended aromatic bitters.

Taste: Smooth, refreshing and floral with a gentle hint of spiced bitters on the finish.

Old Tom gin is lighter and less intense than a London Dry and was very common in the Victorian Times.  A sweeter style gin, we've increased the star anise botanical and added a touch of refined sugar to create a full-bodied, perfectly balanced gin.  Staying true to the authentic and classic style, Old Tom gin should never be barrel aged nor have any color to the liquid.

Style: A smooth, full-flavoured gin with a softer and slightly sweet profile.

Taste: Silky and smooth with a sweet, citrus and earthy finish. Made with 100% refined sugarcane.



47% Alcohol by Volume / 94 Proof 

At a higher proof than our standard London Dry, the higher alcohol content allows the botanicals to further release, giving off more pronounced, bold flavours.

Style: A full-bodied gin with big and bold botanical notes.

Taste: Bright, bold and bursting with fresh juniper, zesty citrus with a crisp, clean finish.